California Assisted Living

Are you looking for the best Assisted Living in California for yourself, a parent, or another loved one? If you are, & you aren't sure the place to start, You are Not Alone.

With all the alternatives available to today's aging seniors you may not not even be sure if assisted living is the appropriate option to look for. We're here to aid you look through all the facts, and find the best assisted living answer for a loved one.

California Assisted Living Facilities

In California assisted living facilities are referred to as personal care homes. The facilities supply living quarters, supervision of residents and other assisted living amenities including prescription distribution, meals and regular activities like grooming, dressing and bathing. If an individual is in need memory care, California forces facilities to offer living areas especially for for memory care patients.

Assisted Living Homes in California

Assisted living homes in California have various kinds of residential rooms. They offer private living quarters, but common units can have up to 4 seniors are also usable if budget is problem. All rooms must be minimum of eighty square feet per occupant. All assisted living homes also have area bathrooms, bathing facilities, dining rooms, and many even have gyms, swimming pools, and manicured grounds.

Assisted Living Communities in California

California has numerous varieties of assisted living centers that are both independently operated and are run by major, multi-national businesses. There is something available for every senior lifestyle, whether it's a community that caters to an a fit lifestyle, or one that focuses on and is trained to care for dementia residents.

All assisted living communities in California are required to have at minimum, one administrator who is 21 years or older be at the home 24 hours a day.

During the daytime California requires at least 1 community employees for every fifteen residents and during the night that number is reduced to one staff member per twenty five. All employees are required to be educated in CPR, first-aid, and be familiar with steps for crisis procedures.